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5 Benefits of Waterless Beauty Products

Psst… have you heard? Waterless beauty products are the latest craze. Originating in South Korea (as all the best skincare trends do), they’ve made their way to the US, and are starting to explode all over North America. So, why are they sweeping the nation exactly? As an early adopter of the waterless movement, Duckish is here to tell you. 

  • Clean, Green, and Ready to Gleam

As you may or may not know, the beauty industry is incredibly taxing on the environment. The strain beauty products place on global water consumption and the environment is real – in 2008, the global cosmetics industry produced 120 billion units of packaging. 

To change the conversation, consumers are taking action and re-thinking their beauty and personal care routines with the environment in mind. One of these considerations is water-free skincare.

And it starts with the packaging. Did you know that a regular bottle of lotion contains an average of 85% water? It also uses three times more packaging than a waterless body balm lotion stick. This results in the same great product, that’s more highly concentrated (which means you need less… yay!)

  • Conveniently Packaged and Ready to Travel

Smaller packaging is amazing for the environment, but on a smaller scale it’s great for your purse or carry-on too! By swapping out your regular body lotion for a lotion stick, you’ll be able to conveniently take your skincare products with you anywhere, without having to worry about spills. When it comes to travel, less liquid is obviously a good thing too. To prevent your skin from drying out on long flights for example, you can pack a body lotion stick or natural lip balm in your carryon without being asked to toss them away at security.

  • Perfect for Maturing Skin

Waterless has a wealth of benefits for every skin type, but it performs particularly well with aging skin. You see, as you age, your skin naturally loses elasticity, your collagen levels dip, and your oil glands slow their production. All of these factors combined with external conditions (like makeup and lifestyle) contribute to dry skin that’s desperate for hydration. 

In comes water-free skincare!

Waterless products, especially all-natural bath and body products are highly concentrated. This enables them to help restore that much-needed hydration to the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers, helping you glow from the inside out.

  • Less Additives and Fillers

The other beautiful thing about going waterless is – with less room for water, there’s also less space for chemicals and additives. And while this isn’t universally true of all skincare products that are waterless, companies like Duckish are taking it very seriously. With less room to play with, we focus on including the best ingredients in all our products – including our all-natural bath salts, natural bath bombs, natural lip balms, body lotions, and more. 

Our philosophy is simple - use the best natural ingredients, put them in a concentrated form that delivers maximum hydration with less packaging. We believe in skincare products that do double duty.

  • More Bang For Your Buck

Speaking of double duty – the reason many skincare companies fill their products with water is simple – marketing and reducing costs. As you reach for a product, it’s always tempting to go with the biggest package possible, especially if you’re dipping into your wallet. While this gives the appearance of saving, it’s actually sneaky spending as much of the product in that bottle is actually water. By shifting your perspective and sticking with products that use less water, you’ll actually be doing your skin and your wallet a favour. 

Convinced that water-free is the way to go? Check out our line of waterless skincare products designed to make your skin glow without excess packaging or icky fillers. 

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