Duckish All-Natural DIY Pedicure Kit Contest!

Duckish All-Natural DIY Pedicure Kit Contest

Do your feet need a little TLC for sandal season? Well, now's your chance to win an all-natural Duckish DIY Pedicure Kit, so you can give yourself pedicures all summer long! One lucky winner will get delicious-smelling salts to soak hard-working feet, a lava-rock pumice stone to smooth out rough patches and cracked heels, a jar of decadent foot/body butter to massage into your feet for silky soft skin, and a mini lotion stick to keep feet moisturized when you're on the go!

Contest ends at midnight on July 6th, 2016. Canada only.

Duckish All-Natural DIY Pedicure Kit Contest


  • My feet are so abused. Pick me :)

    Nicole Smith
  • I’d love to win :) Thank you :)

    Valerie Nguyen
  • Oh, great contest! My feet will love you forever!

    Audrey Lawrence
  • I love pampering my feet – they have literally a rough life, but so important to feeling happy! Happy feet, happy life!

    Anne Keiver
  • Have your tea tree oil body butter – it’s lovely!

    Laura Lee

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