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Duckish Receives $25K from Nova Scotia Business Inc.!!!

Productivity and Innovation Voucher from NSBI | Duckish Natural Skin Care

In case you’re just getting to know us, we make all-natural bath and body products like body butter, lotion sticks and bath bombs. And at this point, we are making a lot of them. We sell our products through our website, but also through a network of stores across Canada, and that network has grown from about 17 to over 70 in the past eight months.

While we have processes and equipment in place, it was becoming increasingly obvious that the two of us are just not enough people to make all of our natural skin care products and do everything else, which is why we partnered with the YWCA in Halifax to find our very first employee. But even with an extra set of hands, we knew we would have to figure out a way to be able to make more products with the resources we have.

So last fall, we applied for a Productivity and Innovation voucher from Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) that would pay for and match us with the right people to help us streamline our manufacturing processes. The right people for the job were two brilliant engineers from Dalhousie University who helped us lay the groundwork to scale up our production without sacrificing quality.

Now we’re faced with new and even larger challenges as our little business continues to grow. That’s why we went back to NSBI and applied for another Productivity and Innovation voucher, and were fortunate enough to be granted one to build on the processes we’ve already put in place. So make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (links) for behind the scenes action and updates about how we’re doing on our quest to make even more bath bombs and butter and sticks! Oh my!


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