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Find Duckish at Whole Foods!

We are so excited to report that select Duckish products are now available at Whole Foods! So, if you find yourself wandering the aisles, be on the lookout for these delightful items.

First, we have two delightful baby skin care products available at Whole Foods: our All-Natural Diaper Rash Cream Stick (available in mini and large sizes), and our Baby Body Butter.

All Natural Diaper Rash Cream Sticks 

All-Natural Diaper Rash Cream Sticks (2.5oz and 0.5oz)

If you’ve ever changed a diaper, you know how awful diaper cream can be. It’s goopy, it never comes off your hands, and it often has some scary ingredients that no one wants to put on a cute little baby bum. That’s why we designed the Diaper Rash Cream Stick! Just twist up and rub a little on a clean bum, or on a clean diaper. Made with great ingredients, like organic shea butter, this diaper cream stick both treats and prevents diaper rash. It also means that you never have to get diaper cream on your hands ever again! Looking for a baby shower gift? Look no further!

Baby Body Body Cream

Baby Body Butter (2oz)

Made with amazing ingredients like 75% organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and Vitamin E, this ultra-hydrating baby cream is perfect after bath time, and just a tiny dab will do. This unscented, water-free formula means this thick cream is incredibly concentrated to keep baby skin baby soft.

Lip Balm Bundle

Lip Balm (0.15oz)

We are so excited that people have really been loving our lip balm! It’s ultra-moisturizing, doesn’t get sticky and keeps lips extra smooth and smooch-worthy. These are available in mint, grapefruit and an unscented version.

Lavender Bath Bombs | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Dye-free Bath Bombs:

Do you love to take baths, but hate bath bombs with artificial dyes that force you to scrub your bath tub right after that relaxing bath? Well, you’re in for a treat! Our bath bombs are dye-free (no scrubbing) and have organic coconut oil, making them ultra-moisturizing. Lastly, we only use essential oils, no artificial fragrances to make our citrus, lavender, mint and coco rose bath bombs! So, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy that soak!

If you have friends in Toronto, Markham, Ottawa, Oakville, Mississauga, Yorkville or North York who like delightful, Canadian-made skin care, we'd love it if you could let them know!

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