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How to Best Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year – for many of us, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a chance to get outside, soak up the sun, and make the most of the season. But along with that carefree feeling, we often forget to take the extra steps necessary to protect our skin from things like sun damage, sweat build up, and breakouts. Luckily, with a few easy steps and an all natural skincare routine, anyone can achieve that gorgeous summer glow in a healthy way. 

Use Plenty of SPF From Head to Toe

Yes, you’ve heard this before, and it comes as no surprise, but we’re here to remind you anyway! Like your mama always told you, SPF is an absolutely crucial addition to your skincare routine and it simply cannot be skipped. Whether you start your morning with a moisturizer that has added SPF, or slather on the sunscreen throughout the day, you’ll be protecting yourself in the long and short term. Always stick with a broad-spectrum SPF of 30+ and don’t forget your hands, feet, ears, and lips. 

If you’re looking for all natural skin products that can boost sun protection, try one that contains beeswax or shea butter, like our natural lip balm that has both. While they’re not meant to replace sunscreen by any means, they can help soothe, soften, and add another buffer between you and the sunshine.

Stick with All Natural Skin Products

On that note, when you’re taking care of your summer skin, it’s best to stick with an all natural skincare routine. While this is recommended year-round, it’s important in the summer because some of our favourite products (like OTC sunscreens, for example) can contain a long list of unwanted ingredients that can actually do more harm than good.

When browsing the aisles, don’t be afraid to do some light label reading, keeping an eye out for organic skincare, water-free skincare, and all-around natural products that you can actually pronounce.

Lighten Your Skincare Routine 

While winter can be harsh on your skin and require heavier products like a rich body cream, summer is a good time of year to ease up on your skincare routine and switch up the products you use on a daily basis. 

And while you should continue to moisturize, you can try out a clean skin cream or waterless lotion like these body balm sticks. All they need is one quick swipe to cover your whole body and keep you moisturized without leaving you with an oily feeling. 

Soak in a Bathtub, Not in the Sunshine

While dermatologists recommend taking shorter showers, there is nothing wrong with a quick, moisturizing soak in the bathtub. To help bring some life back to your sun-exposed skin, try adding a clean bath bomb or some natural bath salts (and maybe some flowers just for aesthetics) and giving yourself a good, relaxing bath that has moisturizing benefits.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Summer is the season to pay extra attention to exfoliation. Sweat, oil build-up (yuck!), and dry heat can foster the perfect conditions for flaky, dry skin and the need to get rid of extra skin cells, especially on our feet. To help get rid of the dreaded “sandal foot,” for example, try treating your toes to an organic skincare routine that involves natural exfoliants. A quick soak in a warm bath with bath salts, sloughing away dry skin with a natural pumice stone, and then following up with a clean skin lotion is the perfect way to go. Of course, if you want all three, you can try out a pre-set pedicure set like this one – which just happens to make a great gift for yourself or a loved one as well.

To kick off your summer skincare routine, start shopping our all natural skin products today!

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