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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018 – Halifax Edition

Mother's Day GIft Guide 2018 | Halifax Edition

In my opinion, every should be Mother’s Day, but since we can’t always get what we want, I’ll have to settle for just the one day! Now is a great time to shower the lovely moms in your life with even more affection and appreciation. To help you in your quest to find the perfect thing, and support local small businesses, we put together some ideas based on a few mom personalities. We hope you enjoy!

Yoga Moms:

Oh Yoga Cards

Trying to balance kids, relationships, friends, health, and work is not for the faint of heart. Yoga is a great way to preserve sanity and stay toned at the same time. So, here are a few ideas to help you in your quest for the perfect Mother's Day yoga gift.

First, there's Oh Yoga Cards, a nifty package of 20 Yoga Pose Cards that let you and your mom get your yoga on in the comfort of your own home. Mix and match these cards to create dozens of unique sequences and flows at home!

Oh Yoga Cards Mother's Day Gift Guide | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Oh Yoga Cards | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Kristen Herrington

For some yoga enthusiasts, the yoga mat can be an extension of their personality, which is why these yoga mats, designed by local artist Kristen Herrington are already a hit!  If this is your mom already does yoga, or is thinking about trying it, this yoga mat will make her the envy of her yoga class. Or, if your mom prefers to channel her inner yogi while running errands or lounging, she might also love these yoga leggings!

Kristen Herrington Yoga Mat | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Kristen Herrington Yoga Leggings | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Mighty Oak Essentials

Now that you've got the perfect yoga mat, you'll need to keep things smelling great. To keep things smelling fresh, you can spritz it with a few pumps of Mighty Oak Essentials Yoga Mat Spray, available at Moksha Yoga Halifax. Now that she'll have the gear, why not actually give a yoga class a try. Starting on May 15th you can get your mom a 3-month pass for just $200. Woot woot!

Mighty Oak Yoga Mat Spray | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Moms Who Need a Little TLC:

Moms are usually so busy taking care of everybody else the idea of taking care of themselves often slips through the cracks. If the mom's in your life are in dire need of some TLC, we've got you covered. These Halifax businesses may have just the thing for your mom.

Bad Mouth Soap

Small pleasures, like a delicious-smelling bar of fancy soap can make a quick hand wash or shower even more rejuvenating. One great local soap option is Bad Mouth Soap.

Bad Mouth Soap | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Uptown Salon and Spa

If you'd like your mom to feel like a million bucks, send her for a mani/pedi at Uptown Spa and Salon in the Hydrostone. While supplies last, they’re giving away a free mini polish and a foot file for every mani/pedi booked as a Mother's Day promotion!

Uptown Salon and Spa | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Duckish Natural Skin Care

Obviously, we can't talk about treating moms to a little TLC and not mention our Mother's Day gift set! It includes a delightful combination of all-natural bath and body products for moms to take a time out and spoil themselves. Get 15% OFF by using coupon code MOTHER2018 at checkout! Offer ends at midnight on May 8th, 2018!!!

Moms With a Sweet Tooth:

If the moms in your world would appreciate a little somethin' sweet for Mother's Day, here are a couple great local options. King & North Chocolate makes delicious chocolate treats, and if your mom is a sucker for caramels and the like, you can’t go wrong with LURE Caramel Co. Just say yum!

King & North Chocolate | Duckish Natural Skin Care LURE Caramel | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Moms Who Love Coffee:

No judgement, as I can say from experience, any mom with young children probably has a bit of a caffeine addiction. This is why the perfect java-holding vessel is a big step towards happiness. Here are a few delightful beverage-holding options to keep even the busiest mommas happy and caffeinated. Pro tip: present it with a hot beverage that she gets to drink uninterrupted!

Therese Bombardier Designs

I want to drink all beverages out of these sexy little mugs made by local ceramicist Therese Bombardier. If I got one of these for Mother's Day, I'd be pretty pleased. Hint hint.

Therese Bombardier Designs | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Bread and Butter Pottery

For the more whimsical moms out their, take a peek at these functional, yet oh-so-pretty coffee-holding gems from Bread and Butter Pottery. Mother's Day happiness she can hold in your hands!

Bread and Butter Pottery | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Melody Hillman Ceramics

Last, but definitely not least, who wouldn't want to sip a hot cuppa jo out of this beauty? If you can picture your mom holding this mug on Mother's Day, then you need to check out Melody Hillman Ceramics.

Melody Hillman Ceramics | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Moms-to-Be/New Moms:

It is oh so important for new moms to feel great during and after their pregnancy especially when sleep deprived and overwhelmed by life. To make these extra special momma's happy, check out these local baby/momma Mother's Day options.

Hazelnut & Rose

A little self-esteem boost in the form of a dress that actually fits and looks great or a new comfy outfit can be everything when you're a new mom. For a limited time, Hazelnut & Rose is offering 20% off all dresses for Mother's Day.

Hazelnut & Rose | Duckish Natural Skin Care

Duckish Natural Skin Care

Anything you can do to make a new moms life a little easier is worth it. That's why we created the Who Knit You? New Mom and Baby Bundle. With all-natural skin care to help new moms keep their skin feeling great and baby care that's helps make life a little easier, everybody wins. Get 15% OFF by using coupon code NEWMOMMA at checkout! Offer ends at midnight on May 8th, 2018!!!

Who Knit You? New Mom and Baby Bundle | Duckish Natural Skin Care

That's it my friends! Happy shopping and we hope you and your moms have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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