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Planning the Perfect Self-Care Night

If you need a little self-care, why not enjoy a little “ethical luxury” with some water-free skin care products. Self-care is the practice of identifying your physical, mental and emotional needs and then taking steps to meet them as best you can. 

In the past, self-care might have seemed like a needless indulgence, but these days, we need to take care of ourselves more than ever. It’s like that safety demonstration on airlines (remember them?) – you put your own mask on first so you can help others. While it may be easy to write off self-care as simply being selfish, the true goal is to relieve stress, and gain energy to help you function normally, giving you space to refocus on helping others.

For some, self-care is taking a nap or going for a walk. For others it may be reading a book or nurturing their inner artist. But self-care can be simply finding a little peace and quiet to let our chaotic thoughts bubble down to a simmer. And what better way to let those thoughts bubble away than by taking a relaxing warm bath. Are you ready for the perfect self care night?

Start with Gratitude

Focusing on gratitude helps you increase positive emotion, and can help decrease anxiety and depression. It’s a simple start to your self-care regime.

Find a space where you feel calm and relaxed. You could be sitting on the floor or laying on the couch. Set a timer for five or ten minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep, calming breaths. 


Now let your mind calmly think of things that make you grateful. Anything – big or small. Maybe you had a good sleep the night before, maybe your colleague thanked you for a job well done. Maybe you’re grateful for the sunshine – or the rain.

When your timer chimes, take a few more deep breaths to return to your surroundings. You may find you already feel refreshed and happier.

It’s Bath Time

Turn on the taps and start filling your tub with warm water. While the water is running, maybe prepare a cup of soothing herbal tea (or glass of wine if that’s your thing!)

Fill your senses. The sound of running water can be soothing, and your skin will begin to warm as the water heats up your bathroom. Heighten the sensory experience by dropping in a Duckish Bath Bomb for a fizzy, moisturizing, delicious-smelling release. Our bath bombs are available in energizing Citrus, soothing Lavender, floral Coco Rose, and refreshing Mint.

If bath bombs aren’t your thing, select some of our Duckish Bath Salts instead. Soaking in warm mineral waters is an ancient practice to rejuvenate, detoxify, and soothe your skin. Our unique bath salt formulations combine four kinds of iron-rich salts and include a touch of natural oils for added moisturizing. You can satisfy your senses with one of our three great scents: Citrus, Lavender, or Mint.

As you soak using our natural bath products, you can feel extra good about your self-care routine by knowing that we use only all-natural ingredients. That means our line of water-free skincare products are good for you, and good for your skin.

Why do we care so much about water-free skincare? Water-free products are concentrated, so they require a lot less packaging and weigh less, so use less energy to transport, thus minimizing their footprint all around. We save on water so you can enjoy it in your bath.

After-Bath Indulgence

Slip out of the tub and glide on some moisturizer to lock in the hydrating effects of your bath. We suggest our waterless lotion, or Body Balm Lotion Sticks , for a quick and easy way to moisturize. Simply swipe on a thin layer to hydrate your hands, legs, body and feet. 

Our Body Balm Lotion Sticks are just one example of water-free skincare that’s good for your body, and the environment. We skip water and fillers to create a concentrated, all-natural waterless lotion that will last as long as about three large bottles of liquid lotion when you use our large version (75g).

Slip Under the Covers

Now that you’ve soaked the demands of the day away, it’s time to head to bed for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Before you slip under the covers, soften dry skin patches with just a dab of our Ultra-Rich Body Cream. Made with 75% shea butter, this cream is our ultimate body butter. You don’t need much! Just a little dab goes a long way.

Finally, layer your lips with our All-Natural Lip Balm to keep them silky smooth.

If this sounds like your kind of self care, take a look at our many gift sets, combining some of our best water free skincare products into a perfect self-care bundle.

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