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All Natural Ingredient Spotlight: Shea Butter 

At Duckish, we truly believe that all natural skin care is a beautiful thing. Ingredients sourced from the earth have not only been used for thousands of years, they also have proven benefits for our skin (head to toe). That being said, it’s super important to understand what’s in your all natural skin products, and how it can benefit you specifically.


How to Best Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer

Summer is a chance to get outside, soak up the sun, and make the most of the season. But along with that carefree feeling, we often forget to take the extra steps necessary to protect our skin from things like sun damage, sweat build up, and breakouts.  Read more...

5 Benefits of Waterless Beauty Products

Psst… have you heard? Waterless beauty products are the latest craze. Originating in South Korea (as all the best skincare trends do), they’ve made their way to the US, and are starting to explode all over North America. So, why are they sweeping the nation exactly? As an early adopter...

5 Steps to the Perfect All-Natural Pedicure

Did you know the average woman spends at least $32.25 each time she gets a pedicure. Getting them twice per month adds up to about $300 per summer. Ouch! Not to mention the fact that many nail salons don’t put much thought into the ingredients used in their products, especially...

You Can Shea That Again!

On her way out of the Halifax’s Historic Farmer’s Market last weekend, about to head to the airport to catch a flight to South Africa to begin a safari, one lovely lady stopped by the Duckish Natural Skin Care table looking for something she could keep in her carry-on to...

What the Duckish?

    Welcome to the Duckish blog! This being our first post, we thought we’d introduce ourselves and our philosophy. Duckish is a new brand of natural skin care products. We use 100% natural ingredients and all of our products are handmade in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.