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The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil to your Physical and Mental Health

Lavender is a widely known and popular flower used for its many natural healing properties, as well as its benefits to the skin and even for mental health. 

The earth provides us with so many wonderful natural remedies, and it's no question that we wanted to include some of those remedies in our skincare products in order to help you feel beautiful inside and out. 

There are so many reasons why we chose to use lavender essential oil in our water free skincare products. You can find this oil in our bath bombs, bath salts, ultra-rich moisturizing cream, and body balm sticks, and if you haven't already tried them, after this blog we think you'll be convinced to. 

Lavender's Long History of Use and Benefits 

The official name for the lavender plant is Lavandula Angustifolia, and its essential oil has been used since biblical times by the Egyptians and even the Royal Family. The extracted essential oil is multipurpose and provides many benefits, including stress relief, relaxation, and pain relief, helping with insomnia, anxiety, depression, eczema, and menstrual cramps.

Reducing Anxiety and Promoting Relaxation 

When used in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil has been shown to decrease stress by providing relaxing effects, in turn helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Stress creates many negative effects on all parts of our body and finding ways to reduce our stress levels helps to make a positive difference in your overall health and how you feel. We all deserve to feel our best, and the use of lavender aromatherapy can also be considered as a form of self-care. One of the best ways to enjoy lavender's aromatic therapy is to plan a self-care night and drop one of our All-Natural Lavender Bath Bombs in the bath. If you're looking to relax and rewind, it can be one of the best ways for you to experience lavender's calming benefits and some well deserved “me-time”. 

Topically Helps with Eczema and the Skin, as well as Muscle Relief 

There is evidence that has shown that with topical use, lavender essential oil may be helpful in addition to treating eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, as well as pain-relief to muscles. Naturally, lavender contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and when used topically on a regular basis, can help bring relief to these problems. 

Relief for Common Skin Issues 

We’ve had many customers tell us that our Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Cream and on-the-go Body Balm Sticks, have helped to keep Eczema, Psoriasis, or dry skin at bay. They’re easy to apply and help you stay moisturized throughout the day. We may think that dry skin only happens in the wintertime, but in fact, having too much exposure to the sun can also dry out our skin too. This means that all year round, regularly moisturizing your skin keeps it healthy and also helps to reduce inflammation you may experience from your sun burns (Who Knew)! 

Relief For Muscle Pain and Menstrual Cramps 

If you've decided you want to try one of our Lavender Bath Bombs for their aromatic benefits, don't forget to use our Lavender Bath Salts in your self-care night, too! These are great to use if you've just had an intense workout at the gym and find you can barely move from your muscle pain, or if you’re experiencing the well-known "gift" of menstrual cramps. The lavender essential oil in our bath salts works as an anti-inflammatory for improving muscle aches and pains, as well as helps to relax them. You deserve pain relief, and lavender essential oil may be one of the best natural medicines that mother nature can offer to help! (Isn't she amazing?) 

Fights Free Radicals with Its Natural Antioxidants

When we become stressed, the oxygen molecules in our body deteriorate, which become what are called "free radicals". These free radicals can actually affect our skin and cause us to age and wrinkle faster than we may like. 

Lavender essential oil contains antioxidant properties, which scientifically can help to neutralize the process of free radicals by giving up some of their own electrons. This means that through the topical use of all-natural lavender skincare products, you may be able to help minimize the risk of free radicals affecting your skin and body, leaving your skin looking great! 

Take advantage of the many benefits lavender essential oil can give to improve your life and your skin naturally by visiting our shop page and by treating yourself to a self-care night (and regular future self-care nights, too)!

Want to learn more about the natural benefits of our products? You can also check out our previous article on the benefits of shea butter, and follow us on our Instagram for more natural remedy benefits content! 

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