The Duckish Mother's Day Gift Guide

Duckish Mother's Day Gift Guide

I appreciated Mother’s Day before, but now that I am a mom, I realize that I didn’t truly get it. Being a mom (or dad) is so freaking hard and exhausting. No wonder there’s a day devoted to celebrating mommas! No matter how you spin it, your mom deserves and needs to feel appreciated. You don't have to blow your budget to show you care either. Spend the day with her, make her breakfast, bring her flowers; anything to let her how how much she is appreciated. That being said, moms probably wouldn’t object to a little gift either, so we put together a few ideas for how to thank any of the moms in your life for being amazing day in and day out. We also thought it would be great to feature some local talent that’s making waves here in Halifax.

Let’s face it, moms and jewellery sometimes go together like two peas in a pod. If she’s into unique, edgy designs that are still sophisticated, take a peek at MENT Jewellery or Therese Bombardier Designs.

Photo courtesy of MENT Jewellery.

Photo courtesy of Therese Bombardier Designs.

Since a weekend getaway is often impossible, especially for new moms or those with small children, it’s the little luxuries that can make all the difference. Sometimes a hot bath is all it takes to recharge the batteries. To equip the moms in your life with the goods they need to spoil themselves, our Starter Bundle combines two bath bombs and some bath/foot salts with a mini lotion stick, some body butter and a lip balm. It’s everything a hard-working mom needs to relax and recharge, even if it’s only for an hour. Until May 4th, use code MOM20% and get 20% off any of our customizable gift sets.

Duckish Mother's Day Gift Guide Starter Bundle

Another great mom-specific option is a fun subscription box called Oh Mother Care kits. It’s filled with goodies that help a momma embrace self care, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Photo courtesy of Oh Mother Care.

For the mom who swoons over adorable functional wares for your home, you can find things like handmade serving trays and unique pillows at Keephouse. Or, for the momma who just enjoys a good cup of coffee from a fanciful mug, another delightful option is the ocean-inspired line from Bread and Butter Pottery.

Photo courtesy of Keephouse.

Photo courtesy of Bread and Butter Pottery.

In the spirit of all things handmade, why not add a personal touch to this years Mother’s Day gift. Use these two ideas that are totally doable to make something unique, cute and special.

Try these cute little DIY tea cups so that every time your mom brews a cup, she’ll think of you. All you need are some mugs and some nail polish, preferably the non-toxic variety. Use these step-by-step instructions to make the Mother’s Day magic happen.

Photo courtesy of DIY Candy.

If cups aren’t your thing, the mini photo album is a sure-fire way to melt any momma’s heart. Take a trip down memory lane with photos of you, add some fun cardstock and you’re good to go with this little guide.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Moms.

Alternatively, you can use an online tool like to take the personalized book thing up a notch or two. Drag and drop some photos using their software and they’ll send you a professional-level book to make your mom all misty with memories.

So there you have it folks: plenty of options to keep mothers everywhere happy, healthy and feeling loved!

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