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You Can Save Water and the Planet With these 3 Eco-Friendly Beauty Habits

Water is essential to all of us, and here in North America, we live with a developed infrastructure that allows us access to an abundance of water supplies at any time. Since water is so readily available to us, we often don’t think about how much we are using or are conscious of the impact water consumption has on the planet. 

The truth is, out of all the water that exists on the planet, only 2% of it is freshwater, with 1.6% of that freshwater being held in the polar ice caps. That leaves just 0.4% of the world’s water to share between mammals and humans. With the global demand for water increasing to over 600% in the past 100 years, it’s time to start making more eco-friendly habits so we can help preserve one of the most essential resources we need to live and thrive. Want to find out 3 ways you can habitually be more eco-friendly with your self-care routine? Keep reading to find out! 

Take Shorter Showers and Repurpose Your Shower Water 

When starting the shower, often people will leave the water running until it has reached their desired temperature of warmth to hop in (we don't blame you for not wanting a cold rinse!) However, while you are waiting for the water to warm up, all of that perfectly good, clean water is falling right back into the drain again.

To help conserve your water usage, grab a clean bucket and collect the falling water. Once you are ready to hop in, you will have water that you can repurpose for everyday needs such as boiling it to make food, watering your plants, filling up your water bottle or filter, or brushing your teeth! We're already so familiar with the habit of recycling plastic, but it's very possible to recycle our water, too!

Once you're in the shower, think about when you need the water. Your shower mostly consists of shampooing and conditioning, cleaning your body, or shaving. When you are doing all these things, they take up most of the time you are spending in the shower, yet you don't need the running water until you are ready to rinse. If you take this into your mind and become more conscious of when you need the water most, you can cut your shower time in half or less, reducing your water consumption overall daily. 

Chose All Natural Skincare Products with Reduced or No Water In Its Ingredients 

Did you know that many skincare and beauty products contain anywhere from 60-95% water? 

Water dilutes the ingredients in these products, serving no real additional benefit for your skin, and yet they often are more expensive.

Water-free skincare can be found in some of the best clean skincare brands. Natural skincare products such as our all-natural lip balm and rich moisturizing cream, are all 100% water-free and have concentrated, beneficial ingredients such as all-natural and organic shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. The word " rich" is used for this reason as these natural moisturizers have no fillers and contain only active ingredients which help eliminate water consumption. That means you can feel good about conserving water and about what you are putting on your skin. Because let's be honest, our skin only deserves the best, so why settle for less, right? 

Choose Products with Less Packaging 

With the usage of water in many beauty products also comes the need for more plastic to contain those products too. This means that not only is more water consumed with the use and manufacturing of these products, but more plastic is ending up in our landfills and oceans, contributing to plastic pollution issues for the planet. 

Unfortunately, about 9 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. It is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. This is a serious concern that means it's important to choose natural beauty products that are less harmful and either use biodegradable or more eco-friendly packaging, so that we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. 

Some common products that use up a lot of water and plastic for their packaging are shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. 

A great alternative would be to switch to a shampoo or conditioner bar which is more condensed, requires less water, and much less packaging, as well as reusable razors made out of eco-friendly material and have switchable heads. 

Duckish is a clean, concentrated waterless skincare company that makes concentrated, compact products by design. Our products are all made with high-quality all-natural ingredients that will make a positive difference on the planet and your skin because that's what we're all about! We believe in doing more with less. 

Visit our Shop Page to browse through our collection and order straight to your door, or go to our Retailers page to find a retailer closest to you! 

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