Who Knit You? New Mom & Baby Bundle

Who knit you?: Newfoundland expression meaning “Who are your parents?”  Watch this video to learn more!

Have a new mom and baby in your life? Need a gift for that upcoming baby shower? We’ve got the perfect way to treat them both! With our Who Knit You? New Mom & Baby Bundles (full-size or mini), you’ll get a selection of beautiful skin care products made with natural ingredients and no synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives, all safe and effective for nursing moms and new babies. 

The full-size bundle contains: 

- 1 large diaper rash stick

- 1 large and 1 mini shea (unscented) lotion stick

- 2 x 2oz baby body butter

- 1 x 2oz shea (unscented) body butter

- 2 shea (unscented) lip balms

The mini bundle contains: 

- 1 large diaper rash stick 

- 1 x 2oz baby body butter 

- 1 mini shea (unscented) lotion stick 

- 1 x 2oz shea (unscented) body butter 

- 1 shea (unscented) lip balm 

Need it personalized? Send us a note at checkout and we'll make that gift extra special!

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