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Delightful all-natural skin care made by delightful all-natural Canadians!

Simple Recipes From the Best Ingredients

Carolyn didn’t initially set out to build a business. She just wanted to create a couple of effective, all-natural alternatives for her friends and family, and for her own eczema-prone skin. After a ton of research, experimentation and positive feedback, she figured she might be onto something with her two first creations: the body balm stick and the diaper rash creamstick. Thus, Duckish was born. Carolyn has since developed more great productsfor people big and small! And what all these products have in common, whetherthey’re for bath, body or baby, is that they’re 100% made from clean,worry-free, all-natural ingredients.

Supporting Women

If you’re going to run a business, you should create as much of a positive impact as you can along the way. That’s our philosophy, anyway. And that’s why we partner with local organizations and non-profits that help women in a variety of ways. We’ve hired through the YWCA’s LAUNCH and Step Ahead programs, which help women experiencing barriers to employment. We’ve worked with Dress for Success, whose mission is to “empower women to achieve economic independence.” And we’ve donated products to Adsum for Women and Children, the IWK Health Centre, and Western Memorial Regional Hospital, among others.

OK, but what does Duckish actually mean?

Duckish is a word used in Carolyn’s native Newfoundland to refer to dusk or twilight. It likely came from “duskish” or “darkish.” Not only is it her favourite time of day, it’s also when you might treat yourself to a well-salted bath or rub a little body butter on your aching feet.