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Duckish All Natural Skin Care – Bath, Body, and Baby

Duckish all natural skin care products

All natural skin care products can be hard to find. At Duckish, we create safe and effective bath and body products that delight, are easy to use, and fit our customers’ needs. We use fantastic ingredients in simple, concentrated recipes that maximize value and minimize footprint. 

We are also a Canadian company that is on a mission to create effective and sustainable alternatives to the skin care products currently available on the Canadian market. Below are some of the products we create and sell. 

We invite you to start shopping online via our eCommerce website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using our online contact form. We absolutely love chatting about all natural skin care products, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our company or our products. 

Skin Care Gift Sets

Looking for the perfect gift for special occasions? Whether you want to surprise your best friend on her birthday or find the perfect gift for mother’s day, we have a range of gorgeous skin care gift sets that are perfect for every occasion. Just imagine the looks on their faces when they open up a skin care gift set that is 100% natural, Canadian, and made with clean ingredients. 

Give them as gifts, or keep our skin care gift sets to yourself. They’re an awesome way to stock up on skin care products you need on an everyday basis, while saving a little money by bundling. One of our most popular skin care gift sets, for example, contains essentials like a natural deodorant bar, all natural bath bomb, body balm, and natural lip balm. Just imagine being moisturized from head to toe with the purchase of our Duckish All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set. With this set, you’ll also get to experience a variety of flavours, ranging from citrus, to lavender, to mint, and even tea tree oil. You’ll smell fantastic and feel like a million bucks. 

Natural Body Lotion and Body Balm

Many body lotions and body balms available on the market today contain toxic ingredients that are bad news for your skin and your overall health. When you pick up any one of our natural body lotions or body balm sticks and read through the ingredient labels, you’ll be amazed and delighted to find out that we use natural tea tree oil, lavender, mint, and more, that not only smell delicious, they work!

Natural Lip Balm

Natural lip balms by Duckish are great for every season. With Summer around the corner, they’re the perfect way to combat the elements, like humidity, dry air, and sunshine that can take a toll on your delicate lips. Not sure which of our flavours to choose? Stick with our lip balm bundle – a trio of natural lip balms in unscented, grapefruit, and mint.

All Natural Bath Bombs 

Keep those toxic bath bombs at bay by taking a relaxing bath with one of our all natural bath bombs. A great addition to our skin care gift sets, your giftees will love unwinding with one of these at the end of a long day, and you’ll feel great knowing that they’re healthy for skin, body, and mind. Once you soak up the goodness provided by our all natural bath bomb, you will never want to switch back to a toxic brand that’s filled with chemicals. 

The Best All Natural Skin Care Company

Whether you’re gifting one of our skin care gift sets or taking something home for yourself, you’re going to love Duckish – the best all natural skin care company on the market. Start shopping today or contact us using our online form.

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