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Duckish: Try our Natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar!

Natural Shampoo Bar

This just in – our Natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bars are plastic-free AND water-free. They’re the all natural plastic-free shower care solution you’ve been seeking! We’ve added an all-new Biodegradable Soap Dish to our lineup to help you keep your Natural Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar mush-free in your shower, and on the go! Buy them now, only at Duckish.* Free shipping on orders over $50!

Say yes to clean shining hair and smart, eco-friendly choices. Say no to all the things you don’t want. No plastic, no water, no-fillers, no animal testing, no artificial fragrances, no petroleum, no parabens, no artificial dyes.  There’s no better choice!

Take it to the next level during the holidays – order our complete Plastic-Free Shower Care Gift Set. It comes with your choice of our fabulous All-Natural Shampoo Bar (60g), Hydrating Conditioner Bar (60g), and decadent Body Wash Bar (50g) – your choice of scents! We add in one of our new Biodegradable Plastic-Free Soap Dishes and an extra-soft bamboo washcloth to complete the set. How’s that for the perfect eco-friendly gift? We can even add a personalized gift card with a message for the special someone you’re sending it to!

*Or any retailer that carries our products. Pssst…want to sell Duckish products in your store? Contact us at to set up a profile.

Winter Winds are Blowing – Take Care of Your Skin!

The harsh winds of winter are here, and it’s time to take care of your skin. What better choice than Duckish all natural, waterfree skincare products?

Body Balm Stick

Stick it to dry skin with our fabulous All-Natural Body Balm Lotion Stick. Dial it up, glide it on, lock in moisture! Loaded with organic everything, like organic shea butter, organic olive oil, and organic coconut oil for heavenly hydration. Our Body Balm Stick is available in Grapefruit, Lavender, Mint, or Tea Tree – all deliciously scented with natural essential oils (but don’t eat them!) You can also order unscented, because, well…natural is better! Plus, our Body Balm Stick comes in two sizes – the 14g (0.5 oz) mini version and the 75g (2.5 oz). That weenie mini version? It packs as much moisturizer as one large bottle of regular liquid lotion. That’s the power of water-free skin care, baby!

Ultra-Rich Body Cream

Bye bye scaly skin, hello softness! If you need a little more moisturizer than our Body Balm Stick, our All-Natural Ultra-Rich Body Cream is just what the doctor ordered! Well okay, they didn’t, but they might. Tell them about it, and maybe your doctor will buy Duckish products, too! Who could resist our incredibly rich body cream made with 75% organic shea butter? Like our body balm stick, it’s super-rich, super-hydrating, and super-concentrated. A little dab will do just fine!

Stick It to Those Lips with Our Amazing Natural Lip Balm

Ugh. Dry lips. Yup, it’s winter. It seems you can’t hydrate enough to keep those chapped lips at bay. But our Duckish All-Natural Lip Balm will come to your rescue this winter! It’s made with natural ingredients, which is good, because you’re likely going to get a little taste from time to time. It’s got beeswax, organic shea butter, and hydrating oils to keep those lips kissable.

And it comes in unscented for those who don’t like strong smells near their nose!

But if you do like to scent it up a little, try our lick-able Mint or Grapefruit scents. Mmmmm!

Duckish – Your Source for Natural Beauty Products in Canada

We’re all water-free, all natural AND all-Canadian! A Halifax original, Duckish is devoted to providing Natural Beauty Products in Canada, the US and beyond! We’re proud of our heritage and our products. We’re dedicated to sourcing and using the best natural ingredients in our products. 

You can buy Duckish Natural Beauty Products online, of course. They’re also available in select Sobeys locations in the Maritimes and in retailers from St. John’s to St. John to Toronto to Victoria! You can even see our products featured at First Village Coffee in New York City! So, if you take a trip to the Big Apple, grab a coffee there and stock up on your travel moisturizer.