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Looking for the Best Natural Moisturizer? Choose Duckish Water Free Skincare!

Best Natural Moisturizer -

Looking for the Best Natural Moisturizer? Choose Duckish Water Free Skincare!

Winter is damaging for your skin, so you may be taking time this fall to find the best natural moisturizer. Our selection of Duckish All Natural Body Balm Lotion Sticks, Ultra Rich Body Cream and All Natural Lip Balm can help protect your skin from the drying effects of winter. Our natural skin care products are made from some of the best natural moisturizers like organic shea butter, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and more! Plus, all our water free skincare products are designed to reduce environmental impact and save our water for generations to come.

Body Butter for Canada’s Winter

Nothing soothes dry, cracked skin like our Duckish All Natural Ultra Rich Body Cream. If you’re looking for the best natural moisturizer, look no further. It’s thick, and that’s the way we like it. Since it’s water free, it’s super-concentrated, so just a little goes a long way. 

It’s made with 75% organic shea butter to soften skin, prevent moisture loss, stimulate collagen production, and repair skin damage. Plus, it’s available in some of your favourite scents, including grapefruit, lavender, or tea-tree. Or you can go unscented if that’s your jam.

Enjoy natural skin care. Soothe and protect your skin with just a touch of this Ultra Rich all-natural cream!

Kissable Comfort – Natural Lip Balm

Keep kissable lips all winter long with our All Natural Lip Balm. It’s packed with beeswax, organic shea butter and hydrating oils to lock in moisture. As with all our products, we only use clean ingredients so you don’t have to worry about licking your lips.

Try our unscented natural lip balm if you don’t like strong smells near your nostrils, or enjoy the fresh natural scents of our mint and grapefruit lip balms.

Waterless Lotion for Baby Too!

We have waterless lotion and other skin care products for babies too! It’s important that your baby gets access to the best natural moisturizer products. We offer a special diaper rash skin cream in a twist up stick that delivers waterless lotion to your baby’s bottom without getting your hands dirty. No more goopy residue on your fingers? Sounds great!

Beyond the bum, check out our Baby Body Balm Lotion Stick (our baby body lotion bar), and our Ultra-Rich Baby Body Cream. These baby body butters are designed to protect sensitive baby skin. Like all our products, they are water free skin care you can feel good about using.

We’re the Bomb…that’s Bath Bombs, Canada!

Did you know that all our Duckish products are made in Canada, mostly in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia? That’s including our waterless lotion AND bath products like bath bombs and bath salts

The care we take to create our products flows down into everything we do. We believe in social responsibility from sourcing our ingredients to our hiring philosophy, and the organizations we work and partner with. 

What’s the best natural moisturizer? Well, at Duckish, we think it’s one that’s actually natural. “From nature” and “safe”. We got frustrated with greenwashing, and products labelled as “natural” with ingredients far from it. You want to know what’s in our products? We’re proud to be transparent about every ingredient that goes into our Duckish natural skin care products. 

So, whether you’re looking for a company that produces water free skin care products, vegan and vegetarian-friendly products or all natural skin care products…well, that’s just Duckish.

Want to learn more about the best natural moisturizer, our ingredients and our products? Contact us using the online form on our website or browse our online store. Shop individual products, or check out our many gift sets and multi-packs.

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