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Natural Skincare Best Slows Down the Aging Process

Natural Skincare Best Slows Down the Aging Process

Skincare for women over 40 and women over 50 needs to actually help to keep skin healthy and hydrated. That is one of the most effective ways to reduce the aging process, and the way to do it is precisely through using natural skincare. Why is natural skincare the best choice? Because nature knows best, and it helps you to refrain from the harmful effects of fragrances and preservatives. The truth is, unnatural products have synthetic chemicals added to them that actually can further irritate and dry out the skin, cause allergic reactions, and harm skin cells, which end up speeding the aging process. We’ll break down further the ingredients found in our water free skin care products that make Duckish the best choice for your natural skincare needs.

Switch To a Natural Lotion Stick over Lotion with Preservatives 

If you’re wondering, “ What is a lotion bar?” Our natural lotion stick is water free, which keeps the best ingredients in, and the bad ingredients out. Water-free lotion is best because no water means no need for preservatives. When you have added water to your skincare products, you are essentially just diluting the ingredients in the skincare, and water needs preservatives to keep its shelf life. Luckily with Duckish, our products can last anywhere from 18-24 months on average. That’s over a year! There are key natural ingredients found in our products that work to preserve them instead. These ingredients are Vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract.  

These ingredients specifically work to not only preserve our skincare, but they contain natural antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory properties so that your skin stays healthy and your skin cells remain protected and healed. Our water-free lotion also contains oils such as grapeseed oil, organic olive oil, coconut oil, organic shea butter, beeswax oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, which keep your skin hydrated all year long. We’re working towards making a difference in the beauty world and offering natural skincare as a solution to cutting down our water consumption, and putting less plastic in our landfills. 

Natural Skincare Emits Scent Naturally Which is Better For Your Body Than Synthetic Fragrance

Don’t be fooled by the lucious scents of fragranced skincare. Although the smell seems attractive, it’s effect on your skin is not. In fact, synthetic fragrances added to your skin increase the risk of dermatitis, which is defined as “a condition of the skin in which it becomes red, swollen, and sore, sometimes with small blisters, resulting from direct irritation of the skin by an external agent or an allergic reaction to it.” Fragrances can also cause migraines and even respiratory issues. This can put a lot of stress on your skin, which contributes to cells becoming damaged, dry, and fragile. The less moisture that gets to your skin, the more it wrinkles and ages faster than you would like.  

Luckily with Duckish skincare, you no longer have to suffer from dry, irritated skin. In each and every one of our products, including our natural lip balm, natural lotion stick, and  our bath salts and bath bombs, we include premium essential oils that emit their own natural scent, that also work as aromatherapy for your body and mind! 

For example, we have Lavender, Mint, Tea tree, Grapefruit essential oils that are full of benefits for your skin and entire body. When applied topically through our natural lotion stick, natural lip balm, and ultra thick body cream, your skin can benefit from absorbing the nutrient rich benefits of these oils while keeping it moisturized. 

Products such as our bath bombs and bath salts, contain beneficial ingredients that can be absorbed by the skin better when used with a hot bath, and their essential oils create a therapeutic experience through their natural aromas. If you’re looking for an unscented option, our water free lotion comes in unscented sticks, as well as unscented body butter and unscented natural lip balm, too! 

If you want to learn more about our products, contact us using the online contact form on our website. We would be more than happy to chat with you about our collections and products, as well as any of the ingredients that go into them. If you wish, you can also start shopping on our online store. We have a wide range of all natural skin products available to you. 

Start shopping Duckish’s natural bath & body products today or get in touch with us if you would like any more information.