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Say So Long to Plastic with our Incredible Biodegradable Soap Dish

Biodegradable Soap Dish

Are you ready for plastic free bath care you can feel really, really (really) good about? Duckish is delivering with our new Biodegradable Soap Dish. Why do you need a Biodegradable Soap Dish? We’ll give you the scoop. 

First of all, plastic is awful. It ends up in our waste, it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s made with petroleum. Okay, you’re interested in Duckish products, so you probably don’t need the skinny on plastic. But our new Biodegradable Soap Dish is the perfect partner for our already plastic-free Natural Shampoo Bar, our plastic-free Conditioner Bar and our plastic-free Bath Bar. Use the Biodegradable Soap Dish to cover them up and prevent them from getting soft and mushy. Take it along when you travel. 

Our Biodegradable Soap Dish is made with bamboo and cornstarch. They look sleek and sweet, and come complete with the Duckish Natural Skin Care logo. That’s just ducky!

Speaking of our Natural Shampoo Bar…

Our Natural Shampoo bars are stocked and ready for your orders, along with our Natural Conditioner Bars. 

Each pH balanced, eco-friendly, waterless, plastic-free Natural Shampoo Bar contains coconut-based cleansers. Lather up with the spa-like shampoo to remove dirt and oil naturally from your hair. Our Natural Shampoo Bar gently cleans your hair, while plant-based fatty acids and moisturizers smooth and soften your hair, increasing volume and shine.

Just one of the concentrated Natural Shampoo Bars packs the hair cleansing punch of two to three bottles of shampoo! The Natural Shampoo Bar itself is plastic-free AND it reduces the plastic waste you’d get buying regular shampoo. Available in unscented, citrus, and lavender.

Decadent Plastic-Free Natural Conditioning Bar

We’re pleased to say our Natural Shampoo Bar is so moisturizing you may not need a conditioner, but if you do, do we have the Conditioning Bar for you!

What’s in our Natural Conditioning Bar? Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, essential oils, vitamin e. There are also a few plant-derived alcohols that help produce thicker, shinier hair. Just like with our Natural Shampoo Bar, each Conditioning Bar replaces two to three plastic bottles of conditioner. So, you can get shiny hair AND save the planet! Available in unscented, citrus, and lavender.

Try our Clean and Natural Body Wash Bar

The final product in our line of plastic-free shower care products, our nourishing Body Wash Bar comes in the same three great scents: lavender, citrus, and unscented. Our Body Wash Bar is a triple-threat. It cleans, moisturizes, and reduces plastic waste! One bar is good for 50 to 75 washes. It’s so soft and moisturizing you can even use it as a shave-gel on your legs. 

Step Out of the Bath, and Glide on our Body Balm Stick

A thin layer of our Body Balm Lotion Stick is all you need to lock in moisture. With the 5X concentrated formula, you don’t need much to moisturize. It’s small but mighty. Our 14g (0.5 oz) mini Body Balm Stick provides the same amount of moisturizer as a large bottle of liquid lotion. It’s great for the purse or pocket. You can keep it in a pocket of your winter jacket for moisturizing power on the go. Know a world traveller? What could be a better gift than this mini water-free body balm stick? 

For Natural Beauty Products in Canada, choose Duckish

Choose Duckish for plastic-free shower care, natural lip balm, moisturizing body balm lotion sticks and more. Shop our online store or look for our products at select locations across Canada. If you are looking for eco-friendly, all natural, Canadian-made gifts during the holidays, look nor further than Duckish natural beauty products. We have all sorts of gift sets sure to please that special someone during the holidays, or during any special occasion all year ‘round!