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Lighthouse Now

I've spent years and years trying to find something to not only give me some relief from the discomfort of psoriasis, but also to clear it up. I've not been successful. That was until recently. I just bought this random product, to be perfectly honest, because I loved the packaging. I liked how you applied this lotion, by rolling it on like a stick of deodorant. I used it every day and then eventually, my psoriasis cleared right up. It was amazing! 

Duckish Natural Skin Care Lighthouse News lotion sticks


The body butter is the perfect thing to have on my nightstand so I can smoother my feet before bedtime.

Beauty and the Blog Review of Duckish All-Natural DIY Pedicure Kit


These lotion sticks are crazily good – the mini one is perfect for mess-free application on the go, and the formula is spot-on.

theNotice Review of Duckish All-Natural DIY Pedicure Kit

This little lavender lotion stick is so moisturizing and soothing.  I keep it in my purse for touch ups..yes touch ups. You see, wearing shoes all day can really dry out your feet and if I need to change my closed toe shoes to sandals after work not only does this lotion stick hydrate, but the lavender soothes my aching tired feet.

Duckish Mini Lavender Lotion Stick

Best Day Blogger

My overall thoughts about this kit is that it’s amazing! I love everything in this kit and the results of each product. Each product in this kit works really well with each other. The soaking of the sea salts with the citrus really softens the skin and the lava rock helps take off dead skin. Following that the tea tree body butter really softens and soothes the feet and at the same time protects the feet from fungus. The lotion stick really soothes and and the lavender in the formula really helps relax and take away stress.  If you know someone who is on their feet all day and has pain this kit will help them a lot. I highly recommend this as a gift.

Best Day Blogger Duckish Pedicure Kit Product Review

Writing Whimsy

For my Duckish Body Butter I went with a Shea and Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. The Shea products from Duckish have a light sweetness to them but really are unscented, while the Pink Grapefruit has a sweet tartness to it that’s not overwhelming but super delicious. The Body Butter itself has a very firm consistency to it that melts into the skin when applied, almost like coconut oil (but more solid). It’s very moisturizing and would be great to apply to any especially dry areas like elbows or feet. I also really like using it on my hands before bed!

Writing Whimsy Duckish Best Kind Bundle Body Butter Review


For me, the mini Lotion Sticks are the star of the show: all-purpose moisturization in a convenient and purse-friendly package, what's not to love? 

DoWantMakeup Duckish Product Review

Up the Roller Coaster

The bath salts from Duckish have a whopping four different salts in them making for a heavenly concoction of chill. The lavender scent is yet again absolute perfection with just the right amount of lavender mixed into the water. It doesn’t punch you in the face and yell LAVENDER! it just kind of whispers it in your ear. It just about put me to sleep, actually.

Up the Rollercoaster Duckish Review

Alison Sarah Everyday

This lotion stick is the best idea ever... Let me explain: there comes a time in everyone's life when you need to apply lotion to various parts of your dry body (elbows, arms, etc) and you don't do it. You just let your dry skin continue to get worse. The reason? Because you didn't want to get lotion all over your hands, because it can be a mess. You are at work, or you're busy doing errands, and the last thing you need in your life is hands getting product residue everywhere.

Well here is the solution: a lotion stick. You can dab, smear and liberally apply lotion all over without getting your fingers and palms full of product!

The biggest reason I use this is actually for the top of my hands because my knuckles get dry and sore simply from existing (and from washing my hands, dry air, cold weather, etc) and I can go about my daily business as normal because my fingers and palms are not ruining everything with their lotion-ness.

Lavender Mini Lotion Stick Product Review Alison Sarah Everyday Blog

InStore Magazine

Duckish, a new line of all-natural skin care, includes lotion and diaper rash sticks along with the tea tree body butter shown here.

InStore Magazine Duckish

The Coast

Carolyn Crewe is possibly the world’s greatest aunt. Together with her partner, Josh Beitel, she officially launched Duckish—a line of handmade skin care—earlier this fall, and she credits her nephew for inadvertently helping to get the business off the ground.

Duckish Best Kind Bundle The Coast ShopTalk

Think Dirty App

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ThinkDirty Founder with Duckish Mini Lavender Lotion Stick


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