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Golden Slumbers, Organic Rooibos & Peppermint Sleep Tea | Tease


If you're looking for a lullaby in a cup, we have just the thing. This calming tea blend from Tease Tea guides you from a long day, straight into sleep with peppermint and rooibos. Caffeine Free. This was perfect as our sleep-themed product in Boom Box #2 (Spring).

This whole leaf tea, made with all-natural ingredients, and materials that are free from chemicals or micro-plastics is a delightful way to wind down after a long day. The pyramid-shaped tea bags allow for water to pass through ingredients more freely, creating a higher quality and more flavourful infusion.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Tease Tea is set on its mission to show everyone that they have exceptional power to impact themselves, their communities, and their planet.

"We do this through supporting daily intentional rituals that create long-lasting impact"
-Sheena Brady, Founder & Tea Sommelier & Amanda Baker, COO + Herbalist